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All of my books can be purchased at by clicking the buy book button, however; if you would like a signed personalized copy, just send a request to my email address and I will mail you one (I'll pay the shipping). You can either mail me a check or cash; 0r you can pay with a credit card to my PayPal account. after I send you a PayPal invoice.


When I was first introduced to ten-year-old Justin, he had high functioning autism. He could verbally express his needs, hold a limited conversation with most people and could perform most age-appropriate physical activities. He also had epilepsy, meaning he often had seizures. So, when I became his PCA (Personal Care Attendant) I had to deal with the autism related behaviors and his epileptic seizures. This book shows the reader what it was like for Justin to live with his autism and seizures daily, but more importantly, what his family went through because of it.

Kian, a young Native American boy, who lives with his father near Lake Superior, loses his very special horse, Raven, in a storm. While searching for Raven, Kian falls from a cliff to certain death but is saved when the spirits of his ancestors transform him into a bird, but not just any bird—a bird with the mind of a boy. Who will win when the boy’s feelings and the bird’s instincts clash?  And will Kian the bird/boy ever see his father or his best friend Raven again.
Luke thinks his grandpa is cool because he tells such great stories—like the time Grandpa’s mother took splinters out of his butt in front of the whole neighborhood or the time Luke got poison ivy and grandpa convinced him to spread ice cream on it to make it better.  All of Grandpa’s stories are funny, silly, embarrassing and sometimes gross, but always entertaining and best of all the stories are true.
This lighthearted memoir of a boy growing up in St. Paul, Minnesota with eight siblings during the 1950’s and 60’s is told in the voice of a young boy. The author shares his excitement of many of his childhood adventures, all of which take place in the St. Paul area. He shares with the reader adventures at the state fair, how he paid the price for stealing from his friend the local grocer, the horror of being told he was flunking fourth grade, and many more humorous incidents that happen as part of a big family. Going to catholic schools he was mystified by the nuns and the idiosyncrasies of being raised catholic. 

I knew when the cell phone rang it had to be my wife or Roger our lawyer. It was Mary Ann. Her voice was trembling, "I just got off the phone with Roger and ...ahh, he said" there was a long pause then she continued, "Oh Jerry it's bad, really bad. What are we going to do?" I could tell she had been crying. "Mary Ann, what did Roger say? You've got to tell me..."

This is the story about what we went through when our son went from trying marijuana to using meth and becoming so addicted he became a meth dealer. And it's about how the legal system made our life even more miserable by trying to put our son in prison instead of working with us to get him the help he needed.


In 1968, Mason Adams enlists in the Navy and is sent to the Philippine Islands, following in his father’s footsteps of twenty years earlier.  Long held family secrets revealed to Mason lead him to find and lose a half-sister he never knew about and also meet her eight-year-old son.  When tragedy occurs, Mason takes drastic actions to save an innocent child but will his actions lead to more tragedy?  How much will Mason lose in his quest to save family?

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